Supporters Club

Music is our passion and our goal is to create a library of music that we are proud of.

Music creation is time-consuming and it is expensive to hire composers to write music, however, it is an essential part of growing a music library.

For this reason, we offer a Beanstalk Audio Supporters Club where members can benefit from a direct relationship with us and support us with predictable, recurring revenue to fund our creative work. In return for this help, members get preferential benefits and discounts.

How It Works

By pledging a monthly amount to us we benefit from a predictable, recurring revenue to fund our creative work, thus increasing the number of tracks we can add to the library. In return, we offer a range of benefits.

Benefits to You

Depending on the level of your pledge you will receive benefits including:

  • Discounted music / free music
  • Discounted custom written music
  • Be able to request what styles we add to the library

Want to Support Us?

Get in touch for more details and an informal chat