A Personal Message of Thanks

I really appreciate your support. It helps me to continue to develop and grow my music library, which is good for us both. Music is my passion and my goal is to create a library of music that you will be proud to use in your videos and films.

Lee Pritchard doing his thing in 2019

A Little bit of History

Lee’s personal website is a testament to the fact that he has mostly avoided having a real job and has been very persistent in pursuing his creative passions instead.

With operational help and seed investment from Adam Barber, MediaMusicNow.co.uk was established in 2005 selling individual royalty-free music tracks, loops and stingers supplied to us by independent composers and publishers around the world.

We still run MediaMusicNow but wanted a separate place where our own music can be offered in ways not available on Media Music Now. Here, we only offer music that has either been written by Lee or has been commissioned for our music library.

BeanstalkAudio.com compliments our existing business, but offers more flexible licensing options for media professionals and generous discounts to personal creators and vloggers such as emerging YouTubers, podcasters, amateur filmmakers and film students.

Want to earn 15%?

We offer an affiliate scheme to anyone who wants to help promote our music and earn some commission from it.

Unlike some affiliate accounts, where you just get a one-time commission, ours is a permanent affiliation which binds you to the customer. This means that you will receive a percentage of every sale, every time they purchase, not just once.

We want our affiliates to see value in promoting and marketing our music. For this reason, your links to us will continue to be valuable to you long after you put them out there.

Need any help?

If you ever have any questions, feel free to check our support section and get in touch if you need any help.