This Track Pack contains the main track with various edits such as shorter versions, loops and stingers.

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An easy-going and positive background track that would work well in a range of projects including corporate video, lifestyle and travel programmes, vacation, design, presentations, product promos, advertising and drone footage. Relaxed, carefree and friendly. 105 BPM.

What is included in this Track Pack?

It contains all versions of the track in WAV Format 24Bit 48kHz, delivered as a downloadable Zip File.

  1. Sincerity
  2. Sincerity 15secs
  3. Sincerity 30secs
  4. Sincerity 45secs
  5. Sincerity 60secs
  6. Sincerity Extended
  7. Sincerity Loop 1
  8. Sincerity Loop 2
  9. Sincerity Loop 3
  10. Sincerity Loop 4
  11. Sincerity Loop 5
  12. Sincerity Loop End
  13. Sincerity Loop Intro
  14. Sincerity Loop Long

The track pack comes with all of the above versions in a single zip file. The zips are sizable files (several hundred megabytes typically) so please make sure you have a good internet connection.

If you only want to buy individual edits from this track, a single loop for example, you can buy them from Media Music Now royalty-free music library.

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