Glimmer of Hope


This Track Pack contains the main track with various edits such as shorter versions, loops and stingers.

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This is a soundtrack that builds up from a simple, yet quite slow, piano and string chord sequence. It has a mournful and expressive feel which is built upon from the melancholic piano melody that appears in the second section. It initially depicts sorrow and despondency, however, with the addition of high strings and a delicate piano melody later in the piece it brings a hopeful vibe and a subtle optimism that things will get better. The last section features an electric guitar melody and the ending is short and clean. This would work in a film setting as a soundtrack or theme. Related feelings / moods: expressing, sadness, regret, grief, mournful, sorrowful, sorrowing, melancholy, melancholic, woeful, heartbroken, broken-hearted, heavy-hearted, deep feelings, gloomy, dismal, desolate, dejected, depressed, downcast, sombre, joyless, hope, hopeful.

What is included in this Track Pack?

It contains all versions of the track in WAV Format 24Bit 48kHz, delivered as a downloadable Zip File.

  1. Glimmer of Hope
  2. Glimmer of Hope 35secs v1
  3. Glimmer of Hope 35secs v2
  4. Glimmer of Hope Alt Mix No High Strings
  5. Glimmer of Hope Loop 1
  6. Glimmer of Hope Loop 2
  7. Glimmer of Hope Loop 3
  8. Glimmer of Hope Loop 4
  9. Glimmer of Hope Loop 5
  10. Glimmer of Hope Loop 6
  11. Glimmer of Hope Loop End
  12. Glimmer of Hope Short 1
  13. Glimmer of Hope Short 2
  14. Glimmer of Hope Short 3
  15. Glimmer of Hope Stinger 1
  16. Glimmer of Hope Stinger 2

The track pack comes with all of the above versions in a single zip file. The zips are sizable files (several hundred megabytes typically) so please make sure you have a good internet connection.

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