Emotional Piano and Strings


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What is included in this Bundle?

The Bundle contains 10 Track Packs delivered as individual zip files. All audio is WAV Format 24Bit 48kHz.

    1. The Silent Mountain
    2. The Silent Mountain 15secs
    3. The Silent Mountain 30secs
    4. The Silent Mountain 45secs
    5. The Silent Mountain 60secs
    6. The Silent Mountain Loop 1
    7. The Silent Mountain Loop End
    8. The Silent Mountain Loop Intro
    9. The Silent Mountain Loop Long
    10. Relaxing Waters
    11. Relaxing Waters 15secs
    12. Relaxing Waters 30secs
    13. Relaxing Waters 45secs
    14. Relaxing Waters 60secs
    15. There’s Magic Somewhere
    16. There’s Magic Somewhere 15secs
    17. There’s Magic Somewhere 30secs
    18. There’s Magic Somewhere 45secs
    19. There’s Magic Somewhere 60secs
    20. There’s Magic Somewhere Loop
    21. There’s Magic Somewhere Loop End
    22. There’s Magic Somewhere Loop Intro
    23. Odyssey
    24. Odyssey 15secs
    25. Odyssey 30secs
    26. Odyssey 45secs
    27. Odyssey 60secs
    28. Odyssey Extended
    29. Odyssey Loop
    30. Odyssey Loop End
    31. Odyssey Loop Intro
    32. The Beauty of Earth
    33. The Beauty of Earth 15secs
    34. The Beauty of Earth 30secs
    35. The Beauty of Earth 45secs
    36. The Beauty of Earth 60secs
    37. The Beauty of Earth Extended
    38. The Beauty of Earth Loop 1
    39. The Beauty of Earth Loop 2
    40. The Beauty of Earth Loop End
    41. The Beauty of Earth Loop Intro
    42. The Sky Isn’t The Limit
    43. The Sky Isn’t the Limit 15secs
    44. The Sky Isn’t the Limit 30secs
    45. The Sky Isn’t the Limit 45secs
    46. The Sky Isn’t the Limit 60secs
    47. The Sky Isn’t the Limit Extended
    48. The Sky Isn’t the Limit Loop 1
    49. The Sky Isn’t the Limit Loop 2
    50. The Sky Isn’t the Limit Loop End
    51. The Sky Isn’t the Limit Loop Intro
    52. The Sky Isn’t the Limit Loop Long
    53. Flowing With the River
    54. Flowing With the River 15secs
    55. Flowing With the River 30secs
    56. Flowing With the River 45secs
    57. Flowing With the River 60secs
    58. Quiet Mind
    59. Quiet Mind 15secs
    60. Quiet Mind 30secs
    61. Quiet Mind 45secs
    62. Quiet Mind 60secs
    63. Quiet Mind Extended
    64. Quiet Mind Loop 1
    65. Quiet Mind Loop 2
    66. Quiet Mind Loop End
    67. Quiet Mind Loop Intro
    68. Memories That Last Forever
    69. Memories That Last Forever 15secs
    70. Memories That Last Forever 30secs
    71. Memories That Last Forever 45secs
    72. Memories That Last Forever 60secs
    73. Memories That Last Forever Loop Long
    74. Sweet Hope
    75. Sweet Hope 15secs
    76. Sweet Hope 30secs
    77. Sweet Hope 45secs
    78. Sweet Hope 60secs

The zips are sizeable files (several hundred megabytes typically) so please make sure you have a good internet connection.

If you only want to buy individual edits from this bundle, a single loop for example, you can buy them from Media Music Now royalty-free music library.

MediaMusicNow is our counterpart, set up in 2005.

For your convenience, here are links to the tracks on MediaMusicNow