Calm Nature (1 Hour Relaxation)


This Track Pack contains one hour-long track (just under 1GB in size).

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1-hour of relaxing meditation music featuring an atmospheric synth pad with the gentle playing of a euphonium joined by gentle piano notes and the sound of birds chirping gently in the background. It has a calm and peaceful atmosphere, and perfect music for nature, relaxation, meditation, reiki, stress relief, yoga, spirituality, hypnosis, sleep music, healing and well-being. Peaceful and tranquil.

What is included in this Track Pack?

This meditation music contains an hour-long track in WAV Format 24Bit 48kHz, delivered as a downloadable Zip File.

  1. Calm Nature (1 Hour Relaxation Music)

The zip is a sizable file (just under 1GB) so please make sure you have a good internet connection.