Quick Start Guide

Thank you for visiting. This page tells you everything you need to know to get started.

Step 1 – Know which license you need

We provide high-quality stock music with affordable and flexible licensing options for media professionals, but also offer generous discounts to personal creators, vloggers, emerging YouTubers, podcasters, amateur filmmakers and film students.

See the Pricing Page

Step 2 – Browse the Music Track Packs or Bundles

We sell Track Packs and Bundle Deals.

Track Packs contain the main track and all of its versions, including loops or short edits.

Bundle Deals are collections of Track Packs available at a discount.

Step 3 – Purchase the licence that fits your use

Once you know which license you need, just select it from the drop-down list on the track page. The default price is set to Business License, however, you can select a higher or lower license depending on your requirements.

Have a try on a track pack, see how the price changes with each license.

Once you have selected your license type, click ‘Add to basket’, proceed to the checkout and make your payment.

Learn about our licenses.

Step 4 – Download your audio zip

Once you have purchased a license, you will get a large zip file to download. This contains all versions of the track. All audio is provided in hi-resolution WAV 24bit 48kHz.

Step 5 – Use the music in your production

Once downloaded you can mix the music into your audio-visual production at any time. You will also receive a license document with your purchase that you can store with your audio files for safekeeping.

Step 6 – Help us and earn a commission

Crediting us is important for spreading the word and enables us to continue creating great music. You can use any words you like as long as it includes the track name and a link to our website. If you don’t include the track name, people will struggle to find the track on our website. Crediting and including a link to us is mandatory on the Limited License and Vlogger Licenses.

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Have further questions?

In the first instance, you might find the answer in our support section. If the answer is not there feel free to email us.

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