Prices for YouTubers & Vloggers

As a creator, you need music for your videos and podcasts. Our music can be used for intros/outros, to enhance footage and as a background while you are talking. The three vlogger licenses have the same terms apart from the number of average views on your videos. The lower your views the lower the license cost. This is to make professional music affordable for vloggers no matter what stage they are at in their career.

We have a number of affordable options for YouTubers, Vloggers and Podcasters.

Before adding music to your basket, use the drop-down list to select the right license for your requirements.

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Prices & Licenses

License TypeTrack Pack (Inc Vat)Bundle (Inc Vat)
Less than 5,000 Average Views? See Personal User Option£4.95£25.95
Vlogger – Up to 50K average views£9.95£49.95
Vlogger – Up to 100K average views£19.95£99.95
Vlogger – Up to 150K average views£29.95£149.95
Over 200,000 views? Use Standard License A£39.95£199.95

How do I work out my average views?

This is not as complicated as it sounds and it is not a hard and fast rule. It is a guideline. You will probably have a feel for which license is most appropriate to your use. However, this is how you work it out if in doubt.

  1. Open your calculator on your phone or computer
  2. Add up the views for the last 10 videos on your channel
  3. Divide it by 10 to get the average views.

Have a specific budget?

If you have a specific budget restraint please get in touch with details of your project. We assess each case based on the information you provide, so please provide plenty of detail about your proposal.