Product Creation

Our Business License allows you to make up to 5,000 units of a product. For example, this includes DVDs, Blu-rays, Toys, Games, Apps, Software and Audiobooks being sold for a one-time fee or subscription fee. If the product is being provided completely for free this is covered by our Business License regardless of the number of product units.

If you expect to make or sell more than 5,000 units you can use one of the following product licenses:

License TypeUnits LimitTrack Pack (Inc Vat)Bundle (Inc Vat)
Business License5,000£39.95£199.95
Product License A125,000£119.95N/A
Product License B500,000£239.95 N/A
Product License C1,000,000£399.95 N/A
Product License DUnlimited£799.95 N/A

If you are not sure how many units you will make/sell, you can start with our Business License and upgrade when required by emailing us.

Additionally, if you are on a budget there is room for negotiation. We will always do our best to fit with your requirements when possible, just email and tell us about your product