Limited License – From £1.63 per Track Pack

We understand that some people are just making their own videos for fun, making montages of their own photos, film/drone footage, holiday videos, children’s birthday parties etc. or starting out as a Vlogger.

With this license option, you can use licensed music in your personal, non-commercial audio-visual projects. You can also use the music in your vlogs providing your average video views are not over 50,000 views at the time of licensing.

The average views rule is to be noted at the time of licensing to help you gauge which license to pick. The limited license option gives you a discount for smaller viewing figures.

This license does not allow you to use the music in commercial/business projects.

If you want to purchase our Limited License please select it from the dropdown list (it is the last option).

We have made our limited license option extremely affordable, but if you are on a very tight budget, you can make us an offer. This option is next to the Add to Basket button on every track.

Individual Tracks

For this use, you should select our Limited License before adding music to your basket (Last on the dropdown). This will apply a large discount.

License Type Personal / VloggerDiscountBasket Amount
A Single Track Pack£2.95
2 Track Packs20%£4.72
3 Track Packs20%£7.08
4 Track Packs25%£8.85
5 Track Packs25%£11.06
6 Track Packs30%£12.39
7 Track Packs30%£14.46
8 Track Packs35%£15.34
9 Track Packs35%£17.26
10 Track Packs40%£17.70
11 Track Packs40%£19.47
12 Track Packs45%£19.47
Twelfth track is free, and every track thereafter gets 45% discount making it £1.63

All tracks come with versions, such as loops and shorter versions. Tracks are discounted automatically depending on how many you add to your basket.

Full License Terms

  1. You must abide by our General License Terms and understand what Royalty-Free Music is and how it can be used.
  2. The music must be part of the video, not the main feature. This means that most of it should be talked over or combined with footage or other audio content.

This license covers using the music in:

  • Use in non-commercial. personal projects
  • Vlogging / YouTube (up to 50,000 average video views)
  • Personal photography montages
  • Personal drone footage
  • Personal videos, such as holidays, birthday parties etc.

Your average views is a guide and based on your last 5 videos.

Still have questions about this license? See our licensing FAQ’s

On a budget? Make us an offer…

We have based our prices on our experience and the cost of creating such great pieces of music. However, we know that music licensing and the costs associated with it are confusing and prohibitive for some.

For this reason, as we own all of the music on this website, we are able to be flexible with our pricing. If you feel that our prices do not suit your budget, click the button below to provide us with details about your project. We will do our best to help.