Vlogger Pro for Professional Vloggers

You can use the Limited License for personal projects and vlogs with average views of less than 50,000 per video. However, if you are a professional full-time vlogger with average video views of over 50,000 but less than 2 million, then please use the Vlogger Pro option when licensing. I know there is a big jump from the Limited License to the Vlogger Pro license, so feel free to get in touch if this does not work with your budget.

Each piece is edited into seamless loops and short versions that are useful for fitting to your video timeline. They are 48kHz 24bit Broadcast Standard Files. You get all of these in the Track Pack.

Per Track


The more tracks you buy together, the better the discount. Add 12 or more tracks and get 45% off (£10.98 per track).



You can support me with your patronage by subscribing. You get unlimited access to my music & sound effects, and I get a predictable, recurring monthly income.

PrePay for 12


Not yet ready to download 12 tracks but want the 45% discount? Pay upfront now and download any time.

Average Views

The average views rule is to be noted at the time of licensing to help you gauge which license to pick. Simply add the views of your last 5 videos and divide the total by 5.

The Vlogger Pro license option takes into account that you will be earning a good income from your vlogs, however, if you are on a tight budget, you can make an offer. This option is next to the Add to Basket button on every track.

Supporting Independent Composers

Your support is really appreciated and helps me to continue creating new music, hiring other composers and using real musicians whenever I can. By using composer-owned libraries you are supporting composers like me and the musicians and composers I hire and work with. You are not lining the pockets of executives. Learn more about this >

YouTube Copyright Claims

Copyright claims come from situations where the composer or owner of the music puts the music in the YouTube Content ID system. This puts a digital fingerprint on music and it then can automatically detect when it is being used. Usually, you will lose your ad revenue when this happens or in the worst case, you can get a copyright strike. This is because the music owner puts their music in such systems to protect it from unauthorised use.

The way you clear claims is by appealing them and the copyright owner can then either accept or reject them. If they reject it you may get a strike. With my music, I simply need to know what your YouTube channel is. As the music owner, I can whitelist videos and channels. Just send me an email with your channel URL.

Full License Terms

  • You must abide by the General License Terms and understand what Royalty-Free Music is and how it can be used.
  • The music must be part of the video, not the main feature. This means that most of it should be talked over or combined with footage or other audio content.

This license covers using the music in:

  • Use in non-commercial. personal projects
  • Vlogging / YouTube over 50,000 average video views, less than 2 million
  • Personal photography montages
  • Personal drone footage
  • Personal videos, such as holidays, birthday parties etc.

Your ‘average views’ is a guide based on your last 5 videos.

Have questions about this license? See licensing FAQs

On a budget? Make me an offer…

I have based prices on my experience and the time and cost of creating and hosting music. However, I know that music licensing and the costs associated with it are confusing and prohibitive for some.

For this reason, as I own all of the music on this website, I am able to be flexible with the pricing. If you feel that the prices do not suit your budget, click the button below to provide details about your project. I will do my best to help.