Music for Vloggers

We offer a pay-as-you-go option for Vloggers. No need to subscribe, no long tie-ins, just use our music when you want.

Prices vary depending on the size of your channel but start low at £2.95 per single Track Pack. However, if you buy 12 or more you get a big discount of 45% making them £1.63 each.

We have tried to make our license cost affordable and appropriate to the usage. However, if you are on a very tight budget, you can make us an offer. This option is next to the Add to Basket button on every track.

What Are Track Packs?

Each piece is edited into seamless loops and short versions that are useful for fitting to your video timeline. They are 48kHz 24bit Broadcast Standard Files. You get all of these in the Track Pack.

Supporting Independent Composers

There are other popular services that vloggers can subscribe to and pay a monthly fee. However, these are big businesses that pay micropayments to composers, which is making it difficult now for many independent composers to make a full-time income. By using composer-owned libraries you are supporting composers like me and the composers I hire and work with. You are not lining the pockets of executives.

When a library charges a small monthly fee for unlimited downloads, the composer inevitably gets pennies for their music. This is simply not sustainable with many stock music composers working part-time or quitting because they are not earning enough income from it due to big companies monopolising and devaluing the time it takes to create and produce music. Many of the people taking these positions are people who compose as a hobby and don’t need to achieve a full-time income. While this is great for the big corporate-owned business that has regular revenue and a large supply of music, it is damaging the livelihoods of many independent composers.

By choosing to use us, you are supporting independent composers and we really appreciate your custom. We can’t compete on costs with the big companies. especially if you use a lot of music in every video, but we will always aim to provide you with a good deal. Also, if you only use music on those rare occasions where you need to cover-up wind damaged audio or to cover driving or drone footage, you will find that we are more cost-effective over time.


With our website, you can purchase and download tracks on an ad-hoc basis, but if you don’t want to keep getting your credit card out every time or you want to benefit from bulk discounts you can pre-pay. See our Pre-Pay Page for details.

Can’t Find a Piece?

It is often hard to find a track that suits your footage and many don’t like the process of finding music. To try to help we have put our music into categories and used keywords that we feel are relevant, so our search is pretty good. That said, there may not be a track that is to your taste. If that is the case let us know what sort of tracks you will be looking for in the future and we will see what we can do.

If you like listening to new music, try putting my New Stock Music Podcast on in the background to help you identify music.

What about YouTube Copyright Strikes?

Copyright claims come from situations where the composer or owner of the music puts the music in the Content ID system. This puts a digital fingerprint on music and it then can automatically detect when it is being used. Usually, you will lose your ad revenue when this happens or in the worst case, you can get a copyright strike. This is because the music owner puts their music in such systems to protect it from unauthorised use.

The way you clear claims is by appealing them and the copyright owner can then either accept or reject them. If they reject it you may get a strike. With our music, we simply need to know what your YouTube channel is. As the music owner, we can whitelist videos and channels.

Tell Your Viewers and Earn a Commission

If you want to put a credit in your description it is very much appreciated but not essential. If you do, you can earn money on any sales resulting from your links. See Our Affiliate Scheme.