Prices for Business Users

This can be for use in a product or as a promotional / informational video for your business. (Excludes Adverts, See Advertising)

Standard License A covers most uses including, online corporate video, podcasts, wedding videos etc and allows you to make and sell a product of up to 5000 units. This can be audiobooks, apps, games or software.

Standard Licenses B-E are for those occasions where you need to make more than 5000 units of a product.

The table below shows the prices and there is a link to the full licensing information.

Prices & Licences

License TypeUnits LimitTrack Pack (Inc Vat)Bundle (Inc Vat)
Standard License A 5000£39.95£199.95
Standard License B125,000£119.95N/A
Standard License C500,000£239.95 N/A
Standard License D1,000,000£399.95 N/A
Standard License EUnlimited£799.95 N/A

Have a specific budget?

If you have a specific budget restraint please get in touch with details of your project. We assess each case based on the information you provide, so please provide plenty of detail about your proposal.