Prices for Broadcasters

Broadcast licenses for programmes or films that will be broadcast, whether via video on-Demand, TV, or Radio. This is per track, per project. The license covers a single programme or production excluding theme tunes. Get in touch for a quote if being used as a theme tune.

PROs & Cue Sheets

This license excludes performance royalties. This does not represent an extra cost to you as broadcasters have to pay a PRO license. It just means that you have to provide the broadcaster with the relevant Cue Sheet information.

Music on this website is registered with BMI. We have done this to maximise the potential income from performance royalties when our music is used in broadcast such as Film, TV or Radio.

The information relevant to cue sheets will be:

  • Track Name: (As listed on our website)
  • Composer Name: Beanstalk Audio or Lee Pritchard (either is fine)
  • BMI IPI number: 01077766515

If you need further information about cue sheets or the process, please feel free to email

Price & License

We have a standard rate for using our music in broadcast. The more tracks you need, the lower the cost of the individual tracks.

No of TracksDiscountBroadcast A: TV & Radio Programmes
A Single Track Pack£79.95
2 Track Packs20%£127.92
3 Track Packs20%£191.88
4 Track Packs25%£239.85
5 Track Packs25%£299.81
6 Track Packs30%£335.79
7 Track Packs30%£391.76
8 Track Packs35%£415.74
9 Track Packs35%£467.71
10 Track Packs40%£479.70
11 Track Packs40%£527.67
12 Track Packs45%£527.67
The twelfth track is free, and every track thereafter gets 45% discount.

Have a specific budget?

If you have specific budget restraints, please get in touch with details of your project. We assess each case based on the information you provide, so please provide plenty of detail about your proposal.