Prices for Advertising

We have a range of prices for advertising purposes. We charge more for Advertising because the distribution is wider.

We define an advert as an audio or video promotion created specifically as an advert to be placed in advertising networks and distributed as widely as possible. This will be a system where you pay to have your advert played. This is typically during or at the beginning of content, such as on YouTube, on a radio or TV station, on a streaming platform, such as Netflix and Amazon, or in a Cinema or Theatre.

The advertising licenses cover a single creative or campaign. Re-runs and new ads need a relicense.

If you are making a promotional video to upload to your own YouTube Channel or website this does not require an advertising license. See our Business license instead. If you are paying to have it shown, this is advertising.


License TypeTrack Pack (Inc Vat)
Advertising A: Regional / National TV & Radio£159.95
Advertising B: Worldwide TV & Radio£279.95
Advertising C: Online Ad Delivery£199.95
Advertising D: Regional / National Theatre & Cinema£319.95
Advertising E: Worldwide Theatre & Cinema£479.95
Advertising F: Regional / National TV, Radio & Online£359.95
Advertising G: Worldwide TV, Radio & Online£439.95
Advertising H: All Media Worldwide£929.95

Have a specific budget?

If you have a specific budget restraint please email with details of your project. We assess each case based on the information you provide, so please provide plenty of detail about your proposal.

PROs & Cue Sheets

This license excludes performance royalties. This does not represent an extra cost to you as broadcasters have to pay a PRO license. It just means that you have to provide the broadcaster with the relevant Cue Sheet information.

Music on this website is registered with BMI. We have done this to maximise the potential income from performance royalties when our music is used in broadcast such as Film, TV or Radio.

The information relevant to cue sheets will be:

  • Track Name: (As listed on our website)
  • Composer Name: Beanstalk Audio or Lee Pritchard (either is fine)
  • BMI IPI number: 01077766515

If you need further information about cue sheets or the process, please feel free to email