Prices for Advertising

Advertising is where you pay to have your advert promoted or broadcast to a demographic of people. This includes TV, Radio and Pre-Roll adverts placed on online videos. Your advert will only appear if you pay an advertiser. For this use, we have a number of license options and prices that can be seen below. Click on the links for more details.

If you are making a promotional online video for your YouTube Channel, see Business Use instead.

License TypeTrack Pack (Inc Vat)
Advertising A: Regional / National TV & Radio£159.95
Advertising B: Worldwide TV & Radio£279.95
Advertising C: Online Ad Delivery£199.95
Advertising D: Regional / National Theatre & Cinema£319.95
Advertising E: Worldwide Theatre & Cinema£479.95
Advertising F: Regional / National TV, Radio & Online£359.95
Advertising G: Worldwide TV, Radio & Online£439.95
Advertising H: All Media Worldwide£799.95

Have a specific budget?

If you have a specific budget restraint please get in touch with details of your project. We assess each case based on the information you provide, so please provide plenty of detail about your proposal.