We have a range of licenses with prices to suit many user types and budgets. Please select from the licensing options below to find out more about the license terms and how much you will need to pay.

Please Choose an Option:

Limited License

This license is for those making videos for fun, making montages of your own photos, film/drone footage, holiday videos, children’s birthday parties etc. or starting out as a Vlogger.

Vlogger Pro

We have a range of licenses for video bloggers designed to provide a fair and affordable option based on your level of income generation.

Business Users

This license option is for business project types such as corporate videos, presentations, wedding photography/videography, music on-hold etc.


This includes DVDs, BluRays, Toys, Games, Apps and Software being sold for a one-time fee or subscription fee.


For use in programmes or films that will be broadcast, whether via video on-demand, TV, or Radio.


Advertising where you pay to have your advert promoted or broadcast to a demographic of people. For example, commercials on TV, Radio, Cinema/Theatre and pre-roll adverts placed on online videos.

Exclusive Licenses

All music in our library is available non-exclusively. However, there are times where you need a track exclusively for your client.

We offer periods of exclusivity on tracks and sometimes full exclusivity too. This is only available on pre-released tracks. If you would like to be notified of pre-released tracks please email We will let you hear the tracks 1-2 weeks before release. This way, if anything comes to mind that would work exclusively for one of your projects we can organise an exclusive license.

Just want to listen to a track for pleasure?

Most of our music is meant for use in media. However, this does crossover into music that people like to listen to. If you have found a piece that you just want to listen to in higher quality without the watermarks, please email

Is your usage not covered? Speak to us