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It is no secret that the music industry is competitive and maintaining a full-time, regular income as a stock music composer is an ongoing challenge. All sales on my website are very much appreciated but becoming a patron provides benefits for us both.

By supporting me with a regular monthly payment you are helping me to maintain a predictable, recurring revenue which helps fund my creative work. Much of it gets spent on better and newer sounds and music equipment (which is good for the music). 🙂

In return for your monthly pledge, as standard I will:

  • Give unlimited access to all of my music and sound effects on
  • Give unlimited access to my stock photos and video footage on
  • Allow new music suggestions for the library (I will put these in my 3 monthly workflow)

For larger monthly pledges, I will also offer:

  • Custom written music
  • Audio production
  • New music suggestions for the library, but I will prioritise them for a fast turnaround

If you would like to support me and would like to benefit from what I can offer, please complete the form below. Your support is very much appreciated.