Vlogger Pro Licenses

The three vlogger licenses have the same terms apart from the number of average views on your videos. The lower your views the lower the license cost. This is to make professional music affordable for vloggers no matter what stage they are at in their career.

So, the Vlogger Pro licenses are:

  • Vlogger Pro – 1M average views
  • Vlogger Pro – 2M average views
  • Vlogger Pro– 3M average views
  • Vlogger but over 3 million views? Use Business License

Are you a Vlogger with less than 500,000 average video views? If so, you can use the Personal / Vlogger License.

Average Views? Easy…

This is not as complicated as it sounds and it is not a hard and fast rule. It is a guideline. You will probably have a feel for which license is most appropriate to your use. However, this is how you work it out if in doubt.

  1. Open your calculator on your phone or computer
  2. Add up the views for the last 10 videos on your channel
  3. Divide it by 10

That number is what we consider to be your average number of views.

You mention videos, do you mean YouTube?

Yes, however, we understand that as a vlogger you may be on YouTube or any of the other video platforms, such as Vimeo for example.

What about podcasting?

If you are a podcaster wanting to use our music in the background while talking over it, this is fine; the license would be based on the same principle as a vlogger, but instead of average views it would be average listeners. You may also want to use the music for your intro and outro.

Can I use the music in multiple videos?

You can use the music in as many videos as you like on one channel per platform. So that means, one YouTube channel in your name, one Facebook page in your name etc.

If I have a Facebook page, a YouTube channel, a podcast channel, Instagram etc. How do I know my average views?

Good question and the answer is simple, base it on the channel/platform where you have your highest traffic.


All of our music is protected by content ID. Currently, this is only on YouTube but we expect it will happen on other platforms over time. This is only to protect from unauthorised use of our music. It is not to stop you from using it or monetising your videos; you are free to do this on all Vlogger licenses. However, you will have to tell us what your channel URL is so that we can whitelist it for you. This only needs to be done once after your first purchase with us.

We also require a credit and link to our website as a requirement of the Vlogger licences. See the below.

More Important

We do not want to tie you up in rules; we are simply trying to offer you a useful and affordable service whilst making an income doing something we are passionate about. We have tried to make the rules (let’s call them guidelines) simple and fit most people. However, if you are confused about any of them or have a question that we have not covered, please get in touch and we will do our best to help.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when my Channel is getting more than 50K average views, do I need a new license?

The Vlogger license you purchase from us should be based on your current average video views at the time of licensing our music. If your video views then exceed this average you will need to purchase the next license up to cover use in your new videos (based on your higher viewing figures).


  • You must abide by our General License Terms and understand What Is Royalty-Free Music?
  • You must credit the music and link to our website in any online use – See ‘How do I credit you?’ below.
  • Use the music in as many videos as you like.
  • The Vlogger license is only to be used for vlogging based on average views as described above
  • The music must be part of the video, not the main feature. This means that most of it should be talked over or combined with footage.

How do I credit you?

Crediting us is important for spreading the word and enables us to continue creating great music for you.

You can use any words you like as long as it includes the track name and a link to our website. If you don’t include the track name, people will struggle to find the track on our website.

Something like this is great…

[Tack Name] licensed from https://beanstalkaudio.com

Better still, link to the actual track or bundle page.

Also, consider joining our affiliate scheme to earn some income from your link.

The Next License up:

Business License – For business users and video producers