Extended Licenses

Each of our Track Packs has the option to purchase an extended license for the uses outlined below. The extended licenses only cover Track Packs, but you can upgrade the license of any tracks in Bundles that you have bought previously. We just deduct the original cost pro rata.

These are the extended licenses we offer online. For anything else or if you have any questions please get in touch for help.

  • Broadcast A: TV & Radio programme
  • Advertising A: Regional / National TV & Radio
  • Advertising B: Worldwide TV & Radio
  • Advertising C: Online Ad Delivery
  • Advertising D: Regional / National Theatre & Cinema
  • Advertising E: Worldwide Theatre & Cinema
  • Advertising F: Regional / National TV, Radio & Online
  • Advertising G: Worldwide TV, Radio & Online
  • Advertising H: All Media Worldwide

Note about Broadcast License A

The license cover a single programme or production excluding theme tunes.

Note about Advertising Licenses A-H

The advertising licenses cover a single creative or campaign. Re-runs and new ads need a relicense.

Note about Online Ad Delivery

We define an online advert as an audio or video promotion created specifically as an advert to be placed in advertising networks and distributed as wide as possible. This will be a system where you pay to have your advert played on or at the beginning (pre-roll) of online content, such as TrueView Ads.

You may be creating your own advert and distributing it yourself or using an agency.

Online advertising networks include but are not limited to:

  • YouTube / TrueView
  • Pre-rolls of streaming content
  • Facebook Video Adverts

Making a promotional video for a social media channel is covered by our Standard License A as this video will be passively viewed by followers of the channel. We charge more for Ad networks because the distribution is much wider and the advert will be shown on other people’s content.

If you have any questions, please get in touch.