General License Terms

The following terms apply to all of our licenses. Please read this section and then select the most appropriate option for your requirements from the links below.

Our online license agreement caters for business and personal users with a range of license options. It is a Royalty-free Stock Music License that is Non-Exclusive and runs in perpetuity in any territory. The licensed music needs to be synchronised with other media and must be an accompaniment, not the main feature. You cannot resell the music, make derivative works or claim it as your own. You cannot redistribute it, sell it or share it.

What does all this mean?

In short:

  • Royalty-free music – Often misunderstood, but it simply means that once licensed, no more royalties are due – For more information see Royalty Free Music explained.
  • Stock music – Pre-made music written by composers and producers offered in a library for use in media in return for a payment.
  • Non-exclusive – Anyone else can license and use the same music.
  • Perpetuity – Forever, no time limit.
  • Any territory – This basically means that the music can be used anywhere in the world.
  • Synchronised – Must be used in a video or in an audio podcast and be combined with voice/images. It cannot be music on its own.
  • Must be an accompaniment – The music has to be a supporting part of your video or audio podcast. It cannot be the main feature.
  • Cannot resell – You cannot sell our music anywhere or put it in revenue systems. Want to earn from our music? See our affiliate scheme.
  • No derivative works – You cannot make your own music with our music. For example, you cannot rap over it or add an instrument to make a new song.
  • Cannot claim it as your own – The music is ours and you cannot claim it as your music.
  • No redistribution – You cannot give the music away for free; you cannot share or distribute it or put it on other libraries.

So who can use it?

Video producers, vloggers, podcasters, commercial drone pilots, wedding photographers and videographers can use our music once licensed online via our website. It can also be used for on-hold music and for playing in shops as background music.

Our music can also be licensed for use in physical products, advertising and broadcast. More about this at the links below.

Do I get a license agreement?

Yes, you do. You can see a copy of it here, however, this is only provided for reference. Your license document is provided as part of your invoice which is emailed to you after your purchase. This will include the license option you selected when adding the Track Pack or Bundle to the checkout. The emailed invoice is proof of purchase and proof of holding a license to use the music.

Our License Options

All of our license options can be accessed via our Pricing Page