BeanstalkAudio was set up in 2019 by Composer and Audio Producer, Lee Pritchard and Media Music Now Co-founder Adam Barber.

Our counterpart, MediaMusicNow.co.uk was established in 2005 and sells individual royalty-free music tracks, loops and stingers supplied to us by independent composers and publishers around the world. Media Music Now also provides sound effects and voice over services too.

BeanstalkAudio.com compliments our existing business, but offers music in ways not available on Media Music Now. Here, we only offer music that has either been written by Lee or has been commissioned for our music library. As such, we can offer better deals for buying all versions of the track (Track Packs) and provide very generous discounts on pre-made themed collections (Bundles).

We provide royalty free music with flexible licensing options for media professionals and offer generous discounts to personal creators and vloggers, for example, emerging YouTubers, podcasters, amateur filmmakers and film students.

We also offer an affiliate scheme to anyone who wants to help promote our music and earn some commission from it.

We may be in the music business but we don’t live a lavish lifestyle. Music is our passion and we invest a large amount of our time and money into creating music that we are proud of. Music creation is time-consuming and it is expensive to hire composers to write music, however, it is an essential part of growing a music library. For this reason, the copyright owner of the music, Lee Pritchard, is happy to provide access to the music in return for a predictable, recurring revenue to support and fund his creative work. If you would like to provide support as a patron please have a look at the Subscriptions page and get in touch with Lee if you have a specific requirement or want more information.