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I aim to offer affordable music licensing while also creating a sustainable income through composing. If you have a specific budget or requirement not covered on the website I will be happy to hear from you.

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Latest Track Packs

All audio downloads are 24bit 48kHz. Track Packs include all versions of a track such as the main track, short edits, stingers and loops.

These are the latest Track Packs added to the catalogue. A Track Pack includes the full track plus any available versions, such as music loops, stingers and short edits. New music is added every week so please bookmark BeanstalkAudio.

A Brief Guide to Royalty-Free Music / Stock Music

There are several names for this type of music, including Stock Music, Royalty-Free Music, Copyright Free Music, and Library Music. Whatever it is referred to, it just means that it has been written to be placed in a music library for people to license, download and use in their videos.

It is original music by independent composers and producers. You won’t find mainstream music from your favourite band or singer in royalty-free music libraries because their record label controls the distribution.

A common myth is that it is free music. While this can be true if a composer decides to give their music away, it is generally not the case. After all, creators of music need to earn an income.

Royalty-free music is a historical term from the old library music industry (pre-Google), but it has stuck and is the most common search term now, albeit a little misleading. Historically, you had to pay a royalty every time music was played. Royalty-free became the method of paying once per use rather than every time it was used.

In reality, all music of this type has licensing terms and costs associated with it and unlike most industries, there are no standard rates or terms. This means that libraries have different terms for purchasing and using their music.

We have tried to simplify our licenses and prices, but contact us if you need any clarification. The cost is based on your usage, see our prices and licenses here.

That covers the basics, but if you want a more in-depth view, we have another, article here.

About the Owner

Composer & Audio Producer, Lee Pritchard

Hello, I am an independent composer & audio producer based in Manchester, England. I have over 20 years of experience in music licensing and distribution.

My music is created with the goal of being licensed for videos, films, podcasts, advertising, TV shows, and other media. Additionally, I am available for custom-written music, film soundtracks and sound design.

I am passionate about preserving the future of the music industry for independent composers, producers and musicians. Your support is greatly appreciated in this regard because it enables me to keep writing music, and hiring other composers and real musicians whenever I can.